Beautiful handcrafted products and gift certificates to help you with your cosmic journey

Moon Phase Wax Melts

“From the quiet power of the new moon we rise, weaving a silver thread through a vibrant waxing phase, embracing the luminous magic of the full moon and then letting go, leaning into soothing darkness to rest.”  

~ Charlotte Lauren, Life with Lunar Magic

From the new moon to the waning moon, I have curated a wax melt for each of the four main moon phases, Lunar Soul melts for the new moon, Lunar Rise melts for the waxing moon, Lunar Magic melts for the full moon and Lunar Soothe melts for the waning moon. Beautifully presented in a glassine pouch these hand-crafted, wax melts allows you to embrace each phase of La Luna.

These melts, lovingly blended with pure essential oils can help you to enjoy an aromatic journey through the lunar cycle, attuning to the moon and all she brings. The perfect gift to yourself or for someone special.

These beautiful melts are available as gift sets or as single sets of five. 

(shipped to UK only)

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are available for selected sessions and are valid for 4 months from date of purchase.

If you’d like to purchase a gift certificate for any session please ensure that the recipient has access to an accurate date, time and location of birth to enable me to cast their chart. This applies to all sessions, apart from the Lunar Cycle Explore session which does not include a birth chart reading.

**Please note that all gift certificates can be sent via email or post. However please allow 24 hours for an email certificate and 3-5 days for a gift certificate by post.

**To purchase a gift certificate please make payment via the link below and I’ll be in touch via email to organise the certificate for you.**


If you‘d like to purchase or find out more about our Astro Explore Gift Experience, please visit Lottie Suki’s website