Full Moon in Capricorn: Surrender Control

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This weekend brings both a full moon and an eclipse, the fourth eclipse of 2020 and last one until November.

The energy that accompanies an eclipse is intense and can help to instigate powerful change. Full moons are associated with release and letting go of what isn’t serving us. Each month a full moon is influenced by the sign it falls in when it reaches fullness. This month, the full moon and eclipse are in the sign of Capricorn.

Capricorn is known as the determined, loyal, ambitious, resolute sign of the zodiac. The planet Saturn rules Capricorn and is known for being ‘the taskmaster’ of the planets. Saturn takes 29 years to orbit the sun and is regarded by many as the planet of ‘hard graft.’ Those born in the sign of Capricorn (or who may have a lot of Capricorn in their chart) are often down to earth, practical, hardworking folk, who make driven, responsible leaders and teachers. But don’t be fooled by their formality, Capricorn people can also be gifted with a real earthy sense of humour!

On the flip side, the tenacity of this sign can make its natives quite stubborn with a need for control. These folk like to make the rules and stick to them, in fact they have probably written the book! These conscientious individuals are most happy when they are in charge and ‘bossing’ a situation.

How to work with this moon

As the full moon is a time of release, we can use the Capricorn energy to dig a bit deeper and reflect on our working life and how this might be impacting our personal life. It can be a good time to question whether the balance has tipped over towards work and whether we have let our head overrule our heart when it comes to work/life boundaries. Responsibility is a big theme of Capricorn, so this full moon is a good time to acknowledge where it may be beneficial to release the pressure on yourself and relinquish the need to control.

Because the energy of this full moon shines a light on planning and organising, you may feel the urge to start thinking about how you can practically move towards your goals.  But firstly, you might need to put an emphasis on understanding what the heart wants and what is important to you, before making a practical plan. If self -limiting beliefs come up for you under this full moon, work on releasing them, so you can move forward with stability and confidence, just like the intrepid sign of  Capricorn – the mythical sea-goat.

Full Moon Ritual

The full moon in the UK will be arriving around 5.44am on Sunday morning. If you are thinking of working with this phase and carving out some space to check in with how you are feeling, this evening or tomorrow evening is a good time to do it. According to Yasmin Boland, the astrologer I follow, the energy of the full moon is around for 3 days after it has arrived, so with this in mind, there are a few days over which a full moon ritual can be effective.

If you are doing a ritual and would like suggestions for which oils to diffuse, earthy, spicy oils such as vetiver and frankincense can be helpful. Lighter, balancing oils like geranium and bergamot can give Capricorn energy a lift so these may also work well for you over the next few days.

Crystals such as carnelian, smoky quartz and blue topaz may also help you attune to this Capricorn moon.

For some ritual ideas you can check out my recent post for the last full moon. You can substitute the crystals and oils in the post with ones relevant to Capricorn, mentioned above.

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Wishing you love and lunar light

Charlotte x

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