Full Moon in June: The Truth will Out

Sagittarius Full Moon

The next Full Moon falls in the astrological sign of Sagittarius. This full moon is due to arrive on Friday 5th June at 8.12pm (UK time) and brings with it a lunar eclipse, marking the gateway to our 2020 lunar eclipse season.

Each lunar cycle has a full moon, and this moon phase is influenced by the astrological sign it falls in at the time. June’s full moon brings fiery Sagittarius energy, which is fun, gregarious, and happy to shine a light on anything holding us back. Truth telling and freedom seeking, Sagittarian folk (or those who have a strong Sag influence in their chart) are often the great adventurers of the zodiac.

The Sagittarian energy of this full moon is all about optimism, faith, awareness, passion and inspiration. If you feel bound in any way, expect this moon to show up anything that is making you feel restricted. Ruled by mighty Jupiter, the planet referred to as King of the Gods, Sagittarius doesn’t like the word ‘can’t,’ so whatever is holding you back from fulfilling your potential will be spotlighted under this Full Moon.

Sagittarius is a fire sign and the energy of this moon can leave you feeling frustrated at anything you feel may be keeping you ‘small.’ Honest and straightforward, this moon’s energy will ask you to be clear about what is not working in your life and where you feel like your light is being dimmed.

To add fuel to the fire of this full moon- this is also a lunar eclipse, the first of the three this year and all of them due to bring change and transformation. Lunar eclipses are associated with revealing truth and letting go of what no longer serves you, creating endings and new beginnings, so watch out for some intense emotions.

  • How you can work with this Full Moon

This moon will enable you to shine a light on what confines and binds you, so that you can shake the shackles and move forwards. Focus on what makes you come alive and brings you joy! Allowing this moon to show you the truth of a situation will be its greatest gift, but this may be uncomfortable. Remember this is the last full moon before the summer solstice and is regarded as a completion point for the first half of the year, so use this full moon to stand in your truth and decide how you would like the rest of your year to look.

  • Full Moon Ritual – release and let go

The Full Moon is regarded as a potent time to release and forgive. Working with the moon’s energy at this time can be an enlightening experience. As we have progressed through the waxing cycle, a time of growth and action, prior to the Full Moon, it can be really helpful to take a deep breath and release anything which isn’t serving us when the full moon arrives.

There are many versions of moon rituals out in the ether, and I always recommend that people need to find out what works for them. However, there are some guidelines that I would recommend taking into consideration. I follow astrologer Yasmin Boland’s rituals so the ones that I create are based on what she suggests, and then I like to put my own twist on it.

Here are my top tips for a Full Moon ritual:


  • The most powerful time to perform a Full Moon ritual is ideally the night before according to some, but the energy is around for three days so you could perform a ritual at any point over this time, depending on what works for you.

Set the Scene

  • Find a comfortable space where you know you won’t be disturbed.
  • Smudge the space or burn some incense to clear any unwanted energy.
  • Diffuse some essential oils. You may wish to use some oils that are relevant to whichever sign is influencing the Full Moon.

Essential oils which are associated with Sagittarius are Ginger and Pine to invigorate and Black Pepper to stimulate the senses and energise.

  • Choose some crystals to work with, these might be associated with the Full Moon or ones which you are just attracted at the time. Work with your intuition on this, this is your ritual.

Suggestions for crystals associated with the energy of Sagittarius – Lapis Lazuli to help promote honesty and ease of communication, Amethyst for clear thought and Sodalite to soothe and calm the mind.

The Ritual – release and show gratitude

  • Relax and take some deep cleansing breaths.
  • Reflect on an idea/ a habit/ a thought pattern that you want to release. Write it down. (you can have more than one).
  • Now think of anyone who has negatively impacted your life. Write down their name/s and the situation.
  • Imagine each person (if you have more than one on the list) and create a good feeling between the two of you to help release negativity. Say silently or out loud ‘I forgive you.’
  • At this point you can recite a specific full moon forgiveness and karma release formula ( as recommended by Yamsin Boland in her book Moonology) or you can state out loud what you are releasing and who/ what you are forgiving under this full moon using your lists, remembering to state in the present:

‘Under this full moon I forgive / I release…’

  • Now its time to burn your forgiveness list, either outside or inside, but somewhere safe i.e. over a sink.

Bring in some gratitude

  • Think about everything you are grateful for.
  • Write it down and feel the sensation of gratitude in your body.
  • You can now burn this list either outside or inside, but somewhere safe (i.e. over a sink) I like to keep my list to look back over it, but this is a personal choice. Work with what feels best for you.
  • Finally, if it feels right, you can say some words to complete your ritual, such as ‘I know that I am blessed and I live my life within that knowing.’

The Full Moon is a time where we can release negativity and connect energetically to the cosmos. In the weeks that follow it there is time for reflection and introspection, which many people enjoy after the intensity of a Full Moon.

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Sending you love and lunar light

Charlotte x

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