Full Moon in Virgo – Time for lunar cycle self-care

Full Moon in Virgo

The Full Moon in Virgo arrives on Friday 18th March in the early hours of the morning and later for those in the southern hemisphere. As with all full moons, she signifies a culminating point, in what has been an astrologically intense lunar cycle. Beginning with a mystical New Moon in Pisces, some may have felt an energetic sense of going inward, and two weeks later, this full moon illuminates what needs to be seen and brought into the light.

Virgo energy can be exacting, good with detail, and has the term ‘perfectionist’ levelled at it by many. (Including Virgoans!) But what can sometimes be labelled purely as a dutiful, health conscious and self critical sign (amongst other things) has a whole other facet to its energy.

As a ‘double bodied’ or mutable sign ruled by Mercury, one of Virgo’s gifts is the ability to transform, to be fluid and to bring magical shifts of energy moving from one part of our solar year to the next. In Hellenistic astrology, Virgo season represents the end part of the ‘dark of the light’ as the season of Virgo corresponds with the end of summer, transporting us towards Autumn, and a time where we start to feel a transition physically and energetically. It is therefore a sign that carefully prepares for and is tuned in to change.

So, what does this Full Moon bring for us to work with?

This Virgo Full Moon brings an opportunity for shifts to take place in our lives, bolstered particularly because we are on the cusp of the Spring Equinox (or Autumn Equinox for those in the southern hemisphere). It is the last full moon of the astrological year, so working with anything we need to release now, ( for example; self limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns) to make way for the New Moon in Aries can be very helpful. With Pluto energy also in the mix this may also bring a sense of cleansing and clearing the way in our lives.

The full moon also brings the opportunity for mental clarity and for us to be discerning about how we much we give and how much we take. It is a good time to assess where our energy is going. Once we have paid attention to this, the Spring Equinox (20th March) is the perfect turning point to check in with the shifts we need to rebalance areas that feel out of sync.

A time to honour self-care

I believe this full moon provides an opportunity to continue working with the light within that the Pisces New Moon helped us to find and hopefully cultivate. A good time to come home to ourselves, keeping our feet on the ground so that we can begin the positive shifts we need to move us into a new season.

This is a perfect full moon to exhale under. With such an astrologically packed lunar cycle it feels like we have earnt the earthiness of the Virgo Full Moon to allow us room to breathe and to center. Take time to awaken to how you are feeling, to find ways to calm and ground yourself with this energy. If your inner critic starts acting up, kick them to the curb! If curveballs come your way – keep those feet on the ground. Honour your sense of self-care as move into the equinox and very soon, a new astrological year!

With love and lunar light,

Charlotte x

Pic credit: Moon Phase studio

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