Making the Soul Connection

Before I started writing this post I drew a spider diagram with the word ‘connection’ at the centre. Within minutes I was scribbling away, with so many connections around the idea of ‘connection,’ that it was hard to focus on one area!

It was then that I realised the amazing thing about the idea of ‘connection’ – it can mean so many different things to different people.

Brené Brown, research professor, international speaker and author says:

“I define connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.”

This specific quote resonates with me as Brené talks about the ‘energy’ that forms a connection between people. We have all felt this energy, maybe in the moment you meet someone and really hit it off, the conversation where you walk away and really feel that the other person ‘gets you,’ or a moment of eye contact that doesn’t need words. These are all glorious connections where we are communicating at a deeper, soul level with another human being.

But what about the connection we have to who we truly are, our authentic self? Where do we feel most ourselves, most alive and most comfortable in our own skin? And is this what we need to feel strongly to be able to fully connect with others?

To understand who we really are, stripped away of all things ( i.e our creature comforts) that appear to give us a sense of self, is something of a spiritual challenge in our modern, hectic world. The increase in wellness and retreat weekends is testament to this and supports the idea that to find our authentic self we need to step out of modern life to reconnect to who we are. This can be a joyous experience but also a scary prospect for some. It beckons us to a place where we hold a mirror up ourselves, dig deep and ask some difficult questions!

But why do this? Why take the time to strive to connect to what makes you feel alive and who you truly are? BECAUSE it can help you feel alive! And when you feel happy, connected and at peace with who you are, it is possible to make authentic connections with others. Those fantastic moments of soul connection that I mentioned earlier will only increase, bringing wellbeing to every level of your existence, mind, body and soul.So start with you! What makes you tick? It might be meditation, massage, yoga, dance, sport, being out in nature… You don’t need to invest in a super expensive tree hugging experience to work this stuff out! (Although if hugging trees is your thing, go for it). Whatever activity helps you feel more like you – do more of it. Invest in yourself first. It might even be that you need to do less to feel more connected, perhaps saying no more and carving out some time in your diary is your answer to feeling more tune with yourself.

I believe we all have a unique energy that burns brighter when we are fully connected to the truth of who we are and we ALL have the ability to tune into this energy and embrace it. And I believe embracing this will only better our connections with others.So my challenge to you is – find something that helps you feel alive and connected and welcome it into your life. Connection. Energy. Inspiration.Grab it while you can!

Happy spring.

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