New Moon in Aquarius – are you ready for change?

New Moon in Aquarius photo

This month’s New Moon adorns her dress of Aquarian stars on the 31st January or the Ist February depending on your time zone, and what a beautiful, unique dress it is!

Bringing fresh energy and the promise of new beginnings, her timing heralds the start of the Lunar New Year, celebrated by many cultures around the world. This New Moon also happens to coincide with the Celtic festival of Imbolc which celebrates the first stirrings of spring, (1st – 2nd February).

Not only this, but Venus is no longer in retrograde, and we are approaching the end of Mercury Retrograde. Whilst I never worry too much about retrogrades and believe they can be very useful for reviewing and reassessing areas of our lives – we have had a double whammy with these two planets! So, if you’ve felt like you’ve been swimming upstream for the last month, hang in there…

This New Moon brings a reminder that if we can clear our minds, we can make way for brighter, expansive energy and new opportunities. Even though we are still in Mercury Retrograde until 4th February, this New Moon signals a lunar cycle that can awaken our sense of self and commitment to inspired action. Try working with this New Moon energy to envisage positive change and to embrace everything that makes you uniquely you!

There is also a Saturnian influence with the New Moon, so it might feel like there are structures that need to be put in place or that there is still some work to be done to get to where you want to be. If this resonates, make sure your New Moon intentions have solid foundations to work with and that your commitment is strong.

This will really complement the shiny, bold, Leo Full Moon arriving on the 16th/17th February. One of the questions she illuminates for us is – what brings us joy? This Full Moon will also be influenced by Mars and Venus meeting in the skies for a dance, reminding us to find or to restore balance.

The lunar cycle ahead feels very different to the last one, with a sense of momentum and shifting energy as February progresses. Get ready to embrace any lightbulb moments and flashes of insight!

With love and lunar light,

Charlotte x

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