New Moon in Aquarius – let new ideas flow

9th February 2024: GMT 22:59 / PST 14:59 / EST: 17:59

The beginning of this cycle sees the sign of Aquarius getting some serious action with Pluto, Mercury, the sun and moon all mingling in a one-of-a-kind Aquarian dance. The heightened energy around the new moon makes for a potent one, so let’s embrace it…

In Moonology, new moons symbolise new beginnings, giving the opportunity for a reset, or to take time to pause and gain a fresh perspective. A new moon with an Aquarius flavour brings an unconventional, detached, progressive energy encouraging us to open our minds, ready to receive light bulb moments. It can also help to remind us of our own quirks and unique gifts that make us individual. This, along with reflection on how who we are and what we offer contributes to our community (or the collective) as a whole.

Let new ideas flow with this electric new moon

This powerful new moon, setting the tone for the cycle, asks us to stay open and ready to receive new ideas. She is in aspect with Uranus (also the modern-day ruler of Aquarius) in Taurus. Uranus is a planet that can help to bring shifts where needed, chaos energy and even strokes of genius. This might also be tinged with rebellion! If you need a shake up or a blast of fresh air in your world – the energy is there for it with this new moon.

It feels like honouring both air energy (Aquarius) and earth energy (Taurus) is important for this cycle. If you find your beliefs or values start to shift in some new way, it might be helpful to ponder how these shifts or new ideas can be anchored or embodied in earthy real life.

Take time to create space and freedom for ideas to flow. A meditation to connect with your higher self, or a contemplative walk out in nature might be the perfect activity at this new moon. Or equally a visit to a planetarium or a science exhibition might be the activity calling you now! Leave room for inspiration and get scribbling in your journal if it feels right.

Keep your feet on the ground and eyes on the cosmos.

Wishing you an enlightening new moon.

Charlotte x

Charlotte Lauren is a Hellenistic Astrologer, who also incorporates some modern techniques in her work. She weaves astrology with cyclical living to help illuminate a cosmically conscious path for her clients, offering birth chart readings and astro mentoring packages with a holistic approach. Charlotte also hosts a free facebook group for women who wish to work with the lunar cycle. You can also follow her love of the cosmos on Instagram.

Photo credit: Artwork by Jian Chen

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