New Moon in Cancer – what is longing to be expressed from the heart?

New Moon in Cancer

5th July: PDT 15:57 | EDT 18:57| BST 23:57

This month, our new moon is in her natural home of Cancer, the sign depicted by the crab in astrology. Here, she adorns her watery throne, governing the ebb and flow of the tides, reminding us to take a good look at our emotional needs.

As we move through summer (in the northern hemisphere) Cancerian energy highlights intuitive ability, turning our attention within and to our loved ones. This is an opportunity to question how we really feel and to ask – does the flow of our emotional energy need a change of direction?

Seeds of intention

A new moon is a fertile time to sow seeds of intention. It is thought any seeds planted now can bring forth fruit further along the cycle. At this new moon, Venus, planet of love and relationships, is bringing her benefic energy to the mix. With this Venusian influence, our attention might be drawn to new starts with those we share a heart connection with. If you’d like to heal difficulties in relationships with loved ones and turn over a new page, this might be the new moon for you, but not without some initial reflection…

Remember, the crab takes its time, moving towards its goals in a sideways motion. Give yourself time to sit with the fresh starts you’d like to make. Keep an open heart. Acknowledge what kind of loving intentions towards yourself or others might be needed to bring about a new beginning. Honour your feelings by journalling and let the nib flow, seek solace by the water, or simply spend time with those who are nourishing to be around.

In another part of the heavens, foundation checker Saturn is also getting involved. I like this aspect for bringing a sense that something long lasting and solid is being built under the surface of any emotional discovery happening now.

Home and Hearth

This new moon calls us back to home and hearth, helping us tap into our intuition to realise what is longing to be expressed from the heart. A beautiful new moon to feel all the feelings and embrace special connections. Be kind to yourself and let things flow.

Wishing you a healing new moon

Charlotte x

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