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New Moon in Cancer 2022

The New Moon in Cancer arrives on 29th June (UK). It brings with it the opportunity to re-focus on home and family, our emotional health, and our intuition.

Ruled by the moon, the sign of Cancer (depicted by the crab in astrology) exudes a peaceful flowing energy. When we experience a New Moon in Cancer it can provide a quiet time to focus inwards, and to move gently with the ebb and flow of life. This tropical (cardinal) water sign comes into season as we move through the energy of the solstice, the halfway point of our calendar year. The sign of Cancer also reminds us of our innate ability to shift and to turn, just as the seasons and the tides do.

When the New Moon in Cancer arrives, I feel a real inclination to wax lyrical about everything that feels Cancerian, home and hearth, family, food, and nurturing, nourishing practices that can bring us home to ourselves.

Whilst I believe it’s a good opportunity to come back to many of these themes for this new moon, I can’t help feeling like the Mars Pluto energy that is meeting just after the new moon will want to have its say. This intense, deep energy feels very different to the softer, feminine energy of Cancer, and you may even be feeling this already! The good news is that to work with this impactful type of energy, I believe the new moon provides us with a chance to create a solid, emotionally secure base. Always helpful when Mars and Pluto rock up!

Fresh starts and new perspectives

This is a perfect new moon to reflect on fresh starts and new perspectives around home and family. To explore what these might be, it can be useful to acknowledge what helps us to feel safe and in harmony with our loved ones and our immediate environment. Sometimes this can be a great reality checker, other times it can dig up old fears and vulnerabilities beneath the surface. Venus and Jupiter are making a supportive alignment in the heavens at the time of the new moon, so this feels like a little reassuring ‘hug’ here from the benefic planets, whilst we may need to delve a bit deeper here.

Who or what needs some emotional TLC ?

Working with the new moon to tune into your intuition by practicing meditation, some quiet contemplation or journaling around what helps you to feel safe, secure and at peace, can be helpful. Making time to relax and nurture yourself and/or spend quality time with loved ones can also help attune you to this nourishing energy. It provides an excellent opportunity to ask – who or what needs some emotional TLC right now? (and maybe it’s you by the way!)

Before you set any intentions you may wish to create some quiet time to go inward. Give yourself space to hear and discern what your actual intuition is telling you versus any stories that may be coming up through fear or insecurity. With exuberant planet Jupiter involved during this new moon in the dynamic sign of Aries, you may feel a call to exert energy in a particular area, but don’t forget about the quiet contemplative peace this moon can provide, before forging ahead. It’s a good time to gently enquire within, do you need to take big and bold action, or can you better approach carefully, in a sideways manner – just like a crab?!

Let this new moon provide you with an anchor as we navigate this next lunar cycle together.

With peace, love and lunar light,

Charlotte x

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Picture Credit: Moonology Card Deck by Yasmin Boland

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