New Moon in Capricorn – what’s the plan?

New Moon in Capricorn

As we begin the New Year, we welcome our first New Moon of 2022 in earthy, steadfast Capricorn, the sign of the mythical sea-goat, arriving on the 2nd or 3rd January depending on where you are in the world.

So…what does she have in store for us?

You may be pleased to know that a Capricorn New Moon right at the start of the year is perfect for those who are ready to set some intentions and put some practical plans in place. Bringing a wave of fresh energy to our boundary setting, list making and strategising abilities, this new moon knows how to infuse some focused energy to our thoughts.

But it’s not just planning this new moon is perfect for, but also for potentially finding new and powerful ways to ground and nourish ourselves. This is a New Moon set against a backdrop of Venus Retrograde, also happening in the sign of Capricorn, so revisiting and reassessing what helps us to feel abundant and centered in both our material and our emotional worlds can be helpful now. If we decide to make change or a shift here, support from the planet Uranus can help us.

For example, is there a new practice (spiritual or otherwise) you’d like to work with this year to help you feel calmer, more grounded and more aligned for abundance? If so, this is a lovely moon to set an intention with around this.

Our Full Moon in Cancer arrives later in the month, (17th/ 18th January) bringing what some may experience as an emotionally intense but cathartic energy, signifying culminations and completions. I like this full moon for a final release of anything residual that feels unhelpful from the year past.

Our lunar cycle ahead looks interesting as always! Take some time focus on your strengths, decide what you want and get ready to co-create with the universe as we begin afresh…

Wishing you love, lunar light, and the very best for this new moon,

Charlotte x

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In the mean time – keep your feet on the ground and eyes on the cosmos!

Photo Credit: The Moon Phase Studio

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