New Moon in Gemini – are you listening?

New moon in Gemini

The New Moon in Gemini arrives on 30th May to close out an intense eclipse season and bring fresh beginnings.

With two eclipses in the last cycle, major shifts and realisations have been in the air, also joined by a Mercury Retrograde encouraging us to review and reassess.

You might be pleased to hear that the Gemini New Moon introduces a lighter, more sociable feel than what the eclipses brought us.

Gemini is an air sign, ruled by the planet Mercury, master of communication. It is a sign stimulated by mental connection. In Hellenistic astrology, Gemini season is representative of the change from spring to summer and the beginning of the ‘darkening of the light.’ It imbues transitional, changeable and free flowing energy.

Think sparkling communication, tinkling laughter and dazzling wit, a heady, joyful combination indeed. But there is so much more to Gemini than the social butterfly. It is also a sign associated with writing, reading, thinking and study. As a double bodied, or ‘mutable’ sign, the energy of Gemini is truly adaptable with a thirst for knowledge. It’s important to remember this, especially if we have been doing the deep soul work that the recent eclipses gave us space for.

The Gemini New Moon gives us the opportunity to welcome fresh perspectives and set intentions. However, this is not so that we cast aside whatever work we have already done, but to use what we have learnt over the previous cycle to inform this next one.

To forge the connection with others that Gemini energy encourages, it is often the connection within us that first must be strengthened. Let the curious New Moon in Gemini give you space to tune into this wisdom. Take some time to dig deep to set intentions from a place of peaceful thought, and be sure to review any communication before jumping in, we are still in Mercury Retrograde after all.

Some reflective questions to ponder might be, what has the previous cycle shown you? What wisdom have you gained? What have you learnt and what change do you wish to see?

Enjoy the open curiosity of this new moon and get ready to listen within.

With love, light and lunar blessings,

Charlotte x

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Picture Credit: Moonology Card Deck by Yasmin Boland

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