New Moon in Gemini – get ready for a cosmic party!

New moon in Gemini

6th June: BST 13:37 | PDT 05:37 | EDT 08:37

As we embrace the month of June, the new moon in Gemini marks the start of a fresh lunar cycle and a new perspective. Mercury, Jupiter and Venus are also in Gemini adding their own flavour to this new moon, creating a cosmic party in the heavens!

Gemini brings a magical, flexible energy that can hold space for shifts and change. The sociable energy of this moon encourages us to sparkle, engage and connect as communication fizzes and new ideas flow. With the abundance of planets in Gemini, we may find the energy of the new moon quite heady and exciting. After the astrological events of the last few months, these lighter vibes are a breath of fresh air.

Gemini revels in connection and bouncing ideas back and forth. This air sign loves a good conversation! But it’s not all about chat at this new moon. Venus, planet of love and relationships is heavily involved, asking us to connect to what the heart wants as much as honouring the mind. Saturn is also in aspect, reminding us not to get carried away with all the party gossip but to flex our emotional intelligence and wisdom.

Time to pause

As we approach the second half of the year, the new moon also provides a time to pause and appreciate how far we have come. With the emphasis on communication, it may be helpful to reflect on this with others, but if you feel like going inwards and taking time out, trust your intuition and maybe try journalling. Expressing yourself through conversation and/or writing honours Gemini energy.

Whether you feel like a social butterfly at the new moon, or you’d rather stay home and read a book, (this will probably be me!) let the energy guide you towards new beginnings with a playful curiosity as we move through this next cycle.

If you are setting intentions, remember, as the great metaphysician Florence Scovel Shinn said, “your word is your wand.” Never forget how powerful your words are and the energy they carry.

Wishing you a beautiful new moon,

With lunar blessings,

Charlotte x

Charlotte Lauren is a Hellenistic Astrologer, who also incorporates some modern techniques in her work. She weaves astrology with cyclical living to help illuminate a cosmically conscious path for her clients, offering birth chart readings and astro mentoring packages with a holistic approach. Charlotte also hosts a free facebook group for women who wish to work with the lunar cycle. You can follow her love of the cosmos on Insta @charlotte_cosmicallyconscious

Photo credit: Moonology Oracle card deck by Yasmin Boland. Artist: Nyx Rowan

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