New Moon in Gemini : We Need to Talk

Gemini New Moon

On May 22nd at approximately 6.38pm in the UK, we will welcome the New Moon in the astrological sign of Gemini.

Gemini energy is fresh, lively and communicative, it adores bringing new ideas to the fore, and relishes creative expression. This energy may come as a welcome relief after the intense, transformational vibe of the Full Moon in Scorpio two weeks ago.

For each lunar cycle we have a New Moon, which is influenced by the astrological sign it falls in at the time. The Gemini energy of this new moon is all about lively, fun, energetic communication and speaking up. If you’ve got something you need to say, now is the time to say it! Quick witted and brilliant at writing, speaking and all types of communication, Gemini enjoys attributes from it’s ruling planet Mercury, master of communication and understanding.

On the flip side Gemini energy is prone to being quite scattered and forgetful. Anyone with a strong Gemini influence in their chart (i.e their rising sign or sun sign) will often have so much happening in their life, that it can be hard for them to remember everything. Think of the most creative person you know who is full to the brim of innovative ideas, but, who can also leave their car keys in the fridge…. that’s Gemini energy for you. They can also struggle with having two very different sides to their persona, (Gemini is often depicted as twins in astrology) so making choices can leave them feeling conflicted.

The New Moon in Gemini

This New Moon can help you speak your truth and enhance your communication skills, so it’s time to start those conversations and to listen! If you’ve needed to get in touch with someone (particularly a sibling as Gemini is associated with sibling relationships) then maybe it’s time to reach out. It’s a great time to socialise (online or at a safe distance!) and to brush up on your learning. Gemini is all about learning, growing and sharing. It’s a wonderful new moon to help you move forward and expand your horizons so creating a mind map or brain dump of any new ideas that spring up could be helpful now. This may also help if you are feeling a little scattered, so get those thoughts down on paper!

New Moon Ritual – how to seed your intentions

The New Moon is regarded as a potent time to send our intentions (or wishes) to the universe with the belief that offering them up will help them to manifest. This is not without inspired action on our part – manifestation magic still needs our assistance – but seeding our intentions and sending them out to the divine at the new moon can be the start of a powerful process.

There are many versions of moon rituals out in the ether, and I always recommend that people need to find out what works for them. However there are some guidelines that I would recommend taking into consideration. I follow astrologer Yasmin Boland’s rituals so the ones that I create are based on what she suggests, and then I like to put my own twist on it.

Here are my top tips for a New Moon ritual:


The most powerful time to perform a ritual at new moon is ideally up to 8 hours after it has arrived but up to three days is ok. I like to start thinking about my intentions the night before the new moon, but this is a personal choice.

Set the Scene

  • Find a quiet comfortable space where you know you won’t be disturbed.
  • Smudge the space or burn some incense to clear any unwanted energy.
  • Use an oil burner or diffuse some essential oils. You may wish to use some oils that are relevant to whichever sign is influencing the New Moon.

Essential oils associated with Gemini are Basil, Thyme and Peppermint to help with mental clarity and lavender to help to relax and ground busy Gemini energy.

  • Choose some crystals to work with, these might be associated with the New Moon or ones which you are just attracted to at the time. Use with your intuition with this, it is your ritual after all.

Some suggestions for crystals associated with the Gemini New Moon are Blue Agate for opening the throat chakra and encouraging self-expression, Blue Calcite for gentle honesty and Clear Quartz for mental clarity.

Gratitude and Intention setting

  • Make a gratitude list of about 5 – 10 things (people or situations) that you have been grateful for in the last month and send love to the people on your list. It’s important here to bask in the gratitude for a few minutes.
  • Make a list of your intentions for the coming month. Visualise each one fully as having come true. Write an affirmation to support them.
  • Write down how you intend to work towards making each intention happen.


  • Meditate for 10 – 15 minutes to calm the mind and then release attachment to your wishes by saying ‘ For the good of all or not at all.’

Once your seeds of intention have been planted it is up to you to keep watering them. Think about how you can start moving towards your New Moon intentions over the next few weeks, safe in the knowledge that the universe is always listening.

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Sending you love and lunar light

Charlotte x

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