New Moon in Leo – holding your center

New Moon in Leo - Moonology Card Deck

A new lunar cycle beckons, this time with a new moon in the sign depicted by the lion, courageous, confident Leo. Arriving on the 16 August, we can embrace this powerful new energy, feel into it, and see how it may play out over the rest of the cycle ahead.

Leo season, in the northern hemisphere, burns brightly over the summer months. A fire sign, Leo brings the light, the warmth, and the joy to the party. The idea of sustaining the light (or keeping the party going) is often what I think of when Leo energy walks into the room!

The sign of Leo is linked to creativity, getting out of the head, and tuning into what the heart wants. Enhancing this theme at the new moon, planet of love, Venus, in her retrograde and also in Leo is recovering after a rendezvous with the sun (official name of this, cazimi), and is slowly being reborn as a morning star. This type of transit in astrology can equal a transformation of some kind, this time, in relation to Venusian themes such as love and relationships, art, beauty or creative projects. So, pay attention to what might be transforming or rebirthing around these areas for you now.

A sense of liberation

To add some enlightening spice to the mix, planet of chaos and revolution Uranus is activated under this new moon. Look out for some twists or turns, something being illuminated and even a sense of liberation coming through. Sometimes Uranus can bring instability, but this can often lead to some kind of revelation, or ultimately a greater sense of freedom.

I love that it’s a new moon in Leo which is beginning this cycle. This generous, open hearted, strong energy is exactly what we need to help hold our center so we can steady ourselves during change if needed.

What brings you joy?

A new moon in Leo reminds me how creativity is such an important part of my world, and that finding ways to be creative can help me express who I am and connect with what my needs are. I may choose to get my paints out, do some creative writing, or book a dance class to celebrate the new moon. Leo energy always brings us back to the power of our center, what brings us joy and how we choose to shine this light.

Take some time to meditate a little on this at the new moon, maybe get creative yourself, and be ready for any flashes of Uranian insight!

With blessings,

Charlotte x

Charlotte Lauren is a Holistic Therapist and Moonologer from Bristol. She weaves both Astrology and Holistic therapy to help women illuminate their soul path, offering online workshops and 1:1 mentoring programmes for the astro-curious. Charlotte also hosts a free facebook group for women who want to work with the lunar cycle and can be found Living Life with Lunar Magic on Instagram @lifewithlunarmagic

Pic Credit: Moonology card deck, Yasmin Boland

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