New Moon in Leo – what does the heart want?

New Moon in Leo - Moonology Card Deck

Our new moon this month arrives in the sign of Leo on 28th July in the UK (or the 29th of July, depending on where you are in the world).

The energy of Leo encourages us to live from the heart, embracing courage, confidence, and openness. I love Leo energy because it is unapologetically self-caring AND generous in its nature. In the middle of modern life and daily commitments, it actively encourages us to ask ‘what does the heart want? The answer to which may have been previously buried underneath a stack of emails, family obligations or the latest Netflix series…

Not with this new moon! It provides the perfect time to dig deep and focus on your heart centred vision for the future. So herein lies the opportunity. With a New Moon in Leo, we can assess where we need to welcome some more of our heart’s desires into our world.

Have fun and make merry

There is also a child-like and creative quality to Leo energy that can be fun to embrace. In Hellenistic astrology we recognise Leo as the astrological season in the middle of the ‘dark of the light,’ or the heart of the summer. This is the sign that wants to sustain the light, to keep the party going, have fun and make merry. To work with this energy, you may find it useful to pause and ask yourself – what activities bring me joy? What lights me up? What makes my soul sing? Use the quiet potency of the new moon phase to let the answers arrive.

At the time of the new moon, there is also a positive aspect with Jupiter, planet of abundance and opportunity, in the mix. If you are seeking expansion and growth, these Jupiterian beams may just be what you need! Try spending some time sitting with where you feel abundant in your life and also where you’d like to see more abundance. This may give you some insight into which intentions to work with this lunar cycle, remembering that seeds planted now can prove fruitful if we nurture and nourish them.

Breakthrough moments

In other news, Uranus, the North Node and Mars are all in Taurus around this new moon providing some Uranian tension. Whilst this may bring breakthrough moments, there could also be something changeable or unsettling in the ether. It this resonates with you, keep in mind, when shifts happen and we get nudged out of our comfort zone, this can be an opportunity to grow and evolve in so many ways.

Tuning into our heart’s desires and embracing some Leo light can help us stay centred and ready for any changing winds.

Wishing you a wonderful new moon.

With lunar blessings,

Charlotte x

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Picture Credit: Moonology Card Deck by Yasmin Boland

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