New Moon in Sagittarius – are you ready for new horizons?

New Moon in Sagittarius

Our New Moon in Sagittarius arrives on November 23rd/ 24th depending on where you are in the world. As we move with the turning of the year, this new moon signifies not only a big shift in energy as we begin a new lunar cycle, but also that we are out of eclipse season…

If you have found the last month an intense time, you are not alone! We have worked through two powerful, deep eclipses, but this new moon brings us the start of a new cycle and a breath of fresh air.

Sagittarius energy is joyful, adventurous, and expansive. Ruled by the great ‘benefic’ planet, Jupiter, it brings a sense of shooting for the stars, perspective, and an open mindedness. In Hellenistic astrology, Sagittarius is the sign that starts to promise the return of the light as we approach the winter solstice and the final turning of the year. There is a sense of ‘finding our faith,’ enthusiasm, wisdom gained, and maybe even a little bit of reckless indulgence! So, if the beginning of November felt like hard work, this new moon will hopefully bring an alleviation of tension.

A time for fresh energy…

Venus, planet of love and relationships and Mercury, planet of communication are sitting at the table with the new moon, so this could be an excellent opportunity to think about fresh perspectives around your relationships and communication with others.

With Jupiter in aspect to the new moon and exiting it’s retrograde, just after the peak of the new moon, Jupiterian energy is hitting something of high note high for the start of this lunar cycle. When Jupiter goes direct, it can help us regain our sense of optimism and hope for what lies ahead, and in the sign of Pisces, this can be a return to our creative callings or dreams for the future.

New Moons bring us a wonderful opportunity to start afresh, focus on on what we’d like to achieve, or simply just to regroup. This is a potent new moon to set some intentions with, perhaps using whatever new information has been revealed to you during the eclipses of the last month. Try pausing to consider what has changed for you and any new shifts in your perspective. Is a different way of being opening up for you now?

Embrace the new moon as an opportunity to take a deep breath, relax those shoulders down and let your heart feel lifted. New horizons await!

Lunar Blessings

Charlotte x

Charlotte Lauren is a Holistic Therapist and Moonologer from Bristol. She weaves both Astrology and Holistic therapy to help women illuminate their soul path, offering online workshops and 1:1 mentoring programmes for the astro-curious. Charlotte also hosts a free facebook group for women who want to work with the lunar cycle and can be found Living Life with Lunar Magic on Instagram @lifewithlunarmagic

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