New Moon in Scorpio – A Call to Alchemy

New Moon in scorpio

The new moon arrives on Monday 13th November.  Adorning her dark cloak and beckoning descent into the winter months, she invites us to turn inwards and embrace the magic and mystery of Scorpio season.

The energy of Scorpio delivers a sense of rebirth, renewal and owning our true self. That is to welcome and accept every part of us, the light, and the shadow, and acknowledge what might be revealed in the darkness. This alchemical journey is one which Scorpio season can guide us through if we are ready to dig deep and transform where needed.

New moons signify the start of a new lunar cycle and this new moon in Scorpio is colluding with Mars, a planet of both war and conflict but also motivation and dynamism. Uranus happens to be stirring the pot, adding some electricity to remind us of liberation, breakthroughs, and revolution. This further adds to the Mars driven cauldron of this Scorpionic new moon. It does not, on the surface, feel like a new moon for quiet introspection!

So how can we work with it?

The influence of Mars here can help us clear the way forward. Although this planet can often bring a push of energy which you may feel around the new moon, rather than jumping in feet first, this can be a time to channel and focus the energy into understanding the new ways we may feel liberated now, post the October eclipses. If we breathe into it, we can embrace this as a new moon which gives us space to look at where there has been an alchemical shift in our lives.

If you enjoy meditation, working with oracle cards or ritual, this is a potent new moon to connect with. If you wish to set some intentions, give yourself some time to process where you are now, any shifts that have occurred and what is being revealed to you.

This is an insightful new moon to sit with what may be transforming or what has transformed over the last month. Let your intuition bring forth what you need to know to truly embrace your most magical self.

Wishing you a wonderful new moon.

With blessings,

Charlotte x

Charlotte Lauren is a Hellenistic Astrologer, who also incorporates some modern techniques in her work. She weaves astrology with cyclical living to help illuminate a cosmically conscious path for her clients, offering birth chart readings and astro mentoring packages with a holistic approach. Charlotte also hosts a free facebook group for women who wish to work with the lunar cycle. You can follow her love of the cosmos on Insta @lifewithlunarmagic

Photo: Moonology card deck

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