New Moon in Virgo – how’s your spiritual self-care?

Virgo new moon

On the 14th/15th September (depending on your time zone) the New Moon in Virgo arrives with the promise of a new lunar cycle and the beginning of the transition toward the darker part of the year. Autumn beckons us in the northern hemisphere, but wherever you are in the world, the next seasonal shift is within touching distance.

I love this time of year as the air starts to feel cooler and the leaves turn to beautiful shades of red and gold.There is something magical about crisp, clear days as nature begins to turn inward to conserve energy.

Virgo Vibes

The sign of Virgo in astrology is strongly associated with this idea of transition and cyclical living. It is Virgo season which reminds us to be prepared for the coming changes and eases us into the full glory of another turn of the wheel of the year. It is also linked to Goddess energy, earth’s bounty, and healing.

A new moon in Virgo can help us to refocus our needs, get organised, and start bringing in some new self-care rituals to help us embrace the shift in season. Ruler of Virgo, Mercury, comes out of retrograde around the same time as this new moon, encouraging a new forward moving flow. It is time to welcome the grounded energy that these shifts can bring and start to turn ideas and talk into practical solutions.

But this is not the only area that the new moon highlights. It is a new moon that is opposing the illusive Neptune, a planet of depth, illusion, spiritual calling, and dreams. This conversation between the new moon and Neptune opens a door for us. A time to dream, welcome spiritual insights, and sometimes the watery world of what is real and what is not. Please note that, Neptune, in all its romantic glory, can throw a cloak over things, so practicing a touch of Virgo discernment can be helpful whenever Neptune is activated! (Some lightening style inspiration from Uranus will likely help us out here too).

Embrace a little magic

Nevertheless, an earthy new moon with a door to the enchanted, more mystical parts of life is being opened for us. For those needing to slow down or are yearning for some kind of spiritual connection, this lunar cycle could be the one where you get to enjoy embracing a little more magic.

Under the new moon, it can be a helpful time to reflect on what makes your soul sing or what helps you to feel divinely connected. Make time to practice some spiritual self-care, however this looks for you. Turning inward now can help you to ground and prepare for the autumn equinox and after that, eclipse season.

This is the perfect new moon for keeping your feet on the ground and eyes on the cosmos.

With lunar blessings,

Charlotte x

Charlotte Lauren is an Astrologer and Holistic Therapist from Bristol. She weaves both Astrology and Holistic therapy to help women illuminate their soul path, offering online workshops and 1:1 mentoring programmes for the astro-curious. Charlotte also hosts a free facebook group for women who want to work with the lunar cycle and can be found Living Life with Lunar Magic on Instagram @lifewithlunarmagic

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