New Moon in Virgo – the transition begins

Meditation for the Virgo New Moon

As the hazy days of August come to an end, the New Moon in Virgo arrives on the 27th of the month to begin a dynamic new lunar cycle.

At this time of year, we look towards making the transition to a new season, and it is Virgo energy that accompanies us, guiding us towards the equinox and the start of autumn in the northern hemisphere. With this sense of change on the horizon it can feel helpful to focus on decluttering, organising and planning to prepare for this next shift of energy. A Virgoan new moon gives us opportunity for a fresh look at the routines in our lives and how we may want to adjust, change, and reorder for the better.

Whilst wholesome Virgoan energy is associated with earth’s bounty, healing, the Goddess, and a sense of preparation, this new moon also sees Mars bringing forth some action to the cosmic mix. The planet has just moved into Gemini and will form a square with the new moon. It feels like this could really take things up a notch! The heat, passion and dynamism of Mars may just put a fire under the cool calmness of Virgo. So, if you want to get things done – this could be the lunar cycle to do it. A great time to crack that ‘to do’ list!

The flip side…

On the flip side, if you feel things getting a little bit too heated, remember what Virgo energy calls forth. Whilst Mars can sometimes sweep us up into volcanic action, Virgo vibes can diffuse a situation with a sense of grounded, pragmatic earthiness, finding a few practical solutions on the way. If you feel yourself being grabbed by any Mars heat, take a breath and remember the cosmos might be testing and teaching you in equal measure. I also want to give a nod to Uranus energy here, which also happens to be sparking away at the start of this lunar cycle, so whenever this planet is involved, I expect the unexpected!

Another calling card of this new moon is to make sure that our own needs are being met, as well as the needs of others. When was the last time you did something for yourself? Virgo energy reminds us to check in with our self-care routines. If the give and take of your energy does need more balance, maybe it’s time to address what needs to change to make this happen.

As we move towards a Mercury Retrograde beginning 9th September, and the equinox later in the month, this is a perfect new moon to start bringing in activities that help you to feel calm and grounded. Getting out into nature, some meditation, or just simply carving out some time for yourself are all ways to welcome this lunar energy and the new beginnings it brings.

And If you do feel stirred by some Mars fire, try channelling it into taking any inspired action that can help manifest your intentions for the cycle ahead!

Wishing you much love and lunar light,

Charlotte x

Charlotte Lauren is a Holistic Therapist and Moonologer from Bristol. She weaves both Astrology and Holistic therapy to help women illuminate their soul path, offering online workshops and 1:1 mentoring programmes for the astro-curious. Charlotte also hosts a free facebook group for women who want to work with the lunar cycle and can be found Living Life with Lunar Magic on Instagram @lifewithlunarmagic

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