Solar Eclipse in Aries ~ Find your focus

Solar Eclipse in Aries

GMT 19:20 / PST 11:20 / EST 14:20

“Aries reminds us of who we are and what we are here to create. Get ready to step into your power with this eclipse.”

As the season of Aries wakes us from our winter slumber, it brings us a powerful total solar eclipse in the same sign. We have embraced the equinox, felt the sparks of something new and now we have a chance to light the fire!

This is a wake-up call like no other. An eclipse in Aries means business! If you haven’t felt the call of spring energy just yet, let the eclipse open new doors for you and nudge you back onto your soul path. This is what solar eclipses represent by the temporary darkness followed by the light returning. Symbolically, new beginnings are revealed.

The turning of the key

Much of the astrology of the year so far has been building towards a significant and exciting alignment (or conjunction) of Jupiter and Uranus in the sign of Taurus. The solar eclipse marks the start of the lunar cycle that will include this conjunction happening on 20th April. This makes it a potent time to be cosmically conscious and to ask – what has been gaining momentum for me over the last few months? This lunar cycle is one which may bring breakthroughs and the eclipse can provide the turning of the key.

At the same time as the solar eclipse Mercury is in retrograde in Aries and Saturn and Mars (ruler of the eclipse) are also meeting in the heavens. Although we may feel ready to move forward, there could be a need to put the brake on to review and reassess. If this starts to resonate, acknowledge hold ups and frustrations as a message to think clearly and slow down. This is an opportunity to build confidence, sense of self and clarity for those new starts waiting in the wings.

The asteroid Chiron, known as the wounded healer, is also prominent at this eclipse. I like this signature as the beginning of a healing process or perhaps the return to it.

If you are lucky enough to safely view the eclipse, enjoy this fascinating cosmic event! But wherever you are, I hope you can embrace the empowerment that this energy calls us to. Whether this feels like a slow burn or a lit match, keep those embers glowing and find your focus.

With love and lunar light,

Charlotte x

Charlotte Lauren is a Hellenistic Astrologer, who also incorporates some modern techniques in her work. She weaves astrology with cyclical living to help illuminate a cosmically conscious path for her clients, offering birth chart readings and astro mentoring packages with a holistic approach. Charlotte also hosts a free facebook group for women who wish to work with the lunar cycle. You can follow her love of the cosmos on Insta @charlotte_cosmicallyconscious

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