Solar Eclipse in Taurus – change is on the wind

New Moon in Taurus

As we move with the flow of the astrological year, a solar eclipse in Taurus arrives to greet many of us on April 30th or 1st May, depending on your time zone. An exciting way to start a new cycle!

This beautiful new moon carries with it the potential for change around our sense of self and what grounds us. It also asks us to be curious about what new beginnings may be calling our name.

As we move into this eclipse season, firstly with our partial solar eclipse in Taurus and then a full lunar eclipse in Scorpio as the month unfolds, it is a month that burns bright with new awakenings and release that can nudge us back on our life path.

Eclipses have a way of shaking things up cosmically, every year visiting us in different signs of the zodiac. This is nothing to fear, but rather something to embrace, with change being a natural part of the ebb and flow of life. Whilst some may experience the energy as frenetic, this can be an immensely healing time if we choose to lean into it and go in with an ‘eyes open’ approach.

The Taurus new moon begins eclipse season for us, drawing our attention to areas of love, abundance and beauty within our lives. In Hellenistic astrology, the sign of Taurus is seasonally anchored to the springtime and the dominance of light increasing over darkness, having left the coldness of winter behind. Taurus energy is associated with this fertile time of year, and a sense of vitality, abundance and power. A time to enjoy beauty, pleasure, light and to stop and smell the roses!

However, as we pause to embrace this grounding Taurus energy we are also asked to go inwards and connect with our sense of self-worth. Perhaps our external world feels plentiful but how are our inner foundations doing? Does anything need to change to help nurture and nourish our self-esteem right now?

With rebel planet Uranus getting up close and personal to the eclipse, we may find the energy to break free from old ways of thinking and to start afresh. What shifts need to happen to reconnect us with the abundance of our life purpose?

In another part of the skies, Jupiter and Venus, ruler of Taurus, sit happily in close conversation which feels benefic, bringing an energy to soften the edges of the eclipse. A perfect weekend for enjoying activities that bring us peace and help us to feel grounded.

From this place we can embrace the questions that this eclipse may ask and be ready for an enlightening lunar cycle ahead!

With love, light and lunar blessings,

Charlotte x

Pic credit: Moonology Manifestation Cards by Yasmin Boland

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