Welcoming the Spring Equinox and a New Moon

Virgo new moon

As the wheel of the year turns, it is time to shed the cold skin of winter and turn our face to the light here in the northern hemisphere. I don’t know about you, but I am so ready for spring!

I love this time of year as it really feels like a new start to me, full of vital energy, rather than New Year in January, when I am usually still in hibernation mode!

It’s at this point we get a double dose of freshness with the spring equinox (20th March) and hot on the heels of this, the New Moon in Aries, (21st/ 22nd March). Wherever you are in the world, this marks a significant energetic shift as the balance of light and dark in our days which is equal at the equinox, begins to change afterwards. The New Moon in Aries also symbolises the beginning of a new astrological year as we start to take the tour of the zodiac from Aries through to Pisces once again.

Excitingly, this year, just after the equinox and the New Moon in Aries, we also see Lord of the Underworld, Pluto, changing signs. Let’s not forget we have also seen Saturn change signs this month too – all something of a big deal in the world of astrology! These planetary shifts signify energetic change so you may have been feeling unsettled, overwhelmed or like a something is on the horizon. The shifts will impact everyone’s natal chart in a different and unique way, but we can also still have a collective sense that energy is moving from one area of life to another. This can feel exciting as much as it can feel destabilising!

So, in the midst of these powerful and sometimes unsettling planetary shifts, where can we look for some signposts? I think this is where the Aries New Moon can really help us out.

New Moon Vibes

Arriving to give us a fresh blast of energy and an interlude to remind us of our inner warrior, she also brings a childlike innocence that keeps us hopeful and open to wonder. This is the sign of new beginnings and fresh starts. With it anchoring the spring equinox we are encouraged to ignite our passions, hopes and dreams and give them life! It’s a helpful new moon to think on what we want the next chapter to be. Mercurial energy is in the mix too, also bringing some mental creativity to help us comprehend and communicate our desires.

The spring equinox reminds us of the balance of light and dark, a beautiful time to pause and assess what feels balanced in our world and what does not. This powerful turning point, together with new moon energy, has the ability to help us transform how the rest of our year looks and is the perfect time to ask – what new beginnings are calling?

With much love and lunar light,

Charlotte x

Charlotte Lauren is a Holistic Therapist and Moonologer from Bristol. She weaves both Astrology and Holistic therapy to help women illuminate their soul path, offering online workshops and 1:1 mentoring programmes for the astro-curious. Charlotte also hosts a free facebook group for women who want to work with the lunar cycle and can be found Living Life with Lunar Magic on Instagram @lifewithlunarmagic

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