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How to work with me as an Astrologer, Moonologer and Holistic Mentor

There are several ways you can work with me, whether you’re interested in astrology, moonology or cyclical living. All of my sessions are online via Zoom.

Also available as gift experiences.

Birth Chart Explore

A birth chart reading can be a helpful way of looking at your world through the lens of astrology, to gain insight and clarity. 

Please note I am trained in Hellenistic astrology, and use this ancient approach, interwoven with some modern techniques, aiming to bring you an insightful 1:1. 

This 60-minute session explores your sun, moon and rising sign, their placements and what this tells us. We can, if time allows, also spend part of the reading delving further into a particular area of interest, for example the moon phase at your time of birth, or a concentration of planets in your chart, but this can be tailored to you.

This is the perfect session for an astro beginner! ( or a beginner to the Hellenistic approach).

Available as a 60-minute session via Zoom. (Recording available on request.)

*Please be aware I will need your date, time and location of birth to cast your chart for this session.*

Chart Check- in

If we’ve worked together in a Birth Chart Explore session or a Moonology 1-1 and you would like to book again, a Chart Check-in is a helpful way of staying attuned to the cosmos.

In this session we check in with the transiting planets of the day and how they are activating your birth chart. We can also take a deeper dive into topics touched on previously and/or upcoming planetary transits.

Some clients like to time these around a new or full moon each month and if this feels right for you, just let me know.

Available as a 60 minute session via Zoom. (Recording available on request).

Lunar Cycle Explore

Interested in working with the lunar cycle but don’t know where to start? 

As a certified Moonologer I can guide you through the magic of the lunar cycle, what the different phases mean and how to work practically with them. If time allows, the session concludes with a mini card reading from the Moonology card deck, a lovely way to seal your mini exploration into lunar empowerment.

Available as a 50 minute session via Zoom. (Recording available on request.)

*Please be aware this is an introductory session and doesn’t include a birth chart reading.

Moonology 1:1

This is the perfect package for the moon-curious! Providing personal insights through the lens of moonology, it’s a true session of self-discovery and practical moon magic.

This reflective and empowering 1-1 includes:

A look at your birth chart, with special attention to your moon sign.

An introduction to new moon and full moon energy.

A personalised 12 month moon planner to take away. This looks at which areas of your life the full moons and new moons will be shining a light on over the next 12 months.

A reflective and relaxing Moonology oracle card reading to help you tune into your intuition.

Available as a 90 minute online session via Zoom. (Recording available on request.)


 Please be aware this 1-1 is not about fortune telling or making predictions but creating a relaxing space to embrace your own intuition and shine a light on your own lunar journey.

Astro Explore Gift Experience

I’ve teamed up with Astro Chart Designer Extraordinaire Lottie Suki to create the perfect gift for star lovers, the Astro Explore Gift Experience. This beautiful gift combines an online Birth Chart Explore session with an exquisitely designed birth chart for the recipient.

The experience combines a Hellenistic birth chart reading with me to inspire clarity and insight, and a beautifully designed, carefully constructed art print of your birth chart to accompany the experience. 

This combination of a reading, together with receiving a custom drawn astrology chart, aims to help inspire and connect the recipient to the magic of the cosmos for a lifetime!

For more information and to purchase please visit Lottie’s website

Gift Certificates

You can purchase gift certificates for a Birth Chart Explore sessions, Moonology 1:1s and Lunar Cycle Explore Sessions.

Moonology Mentoring 

This empowering two hour session is designed to be a follow on from a Moonology 1:1 or a Birth Chart Explore session, focused in on the next three months. The aim is to help you understand the upcoming Moonology affecting your birth chart to give you a guiding light.  

It is perfect if you wish to focus on a specific cycle or project, to help you move forward with confidence and clarity.

The session provides:

An insightful look at the lunar energy for the next 3 months and the areas of life it is highlighting based on your birth chart.

Time for setting an intention using the Moonology Manifestation Oracle deck to help you stay inspired and tuned in.

**If you would like a Moonology Mentoring Guide to accompany the session, this will include a lunar summary and suggestions of Holistic Helpers to complement the Moonology of your chart over the next three months.**

The session is 2 hours, delivered by Zoom.

  £125 (or £165 with Moonology Mentoring Guide – on email and/ or hard copy).

A check-in session during the three months that follow is also available at a special rate.

Would you like to know more? Book a free discovery call to chat through your options.

Cosmically Conscious Journey

The ‘Cosmically Conscious Journey’ is perfect for anyone who would like to tune into cyclical living with the cosmos over the course of a year. This helps to understand what the stars are saying, and how this could be helpful for personal insight, reflection and clarity. 

It’s a journey of self-discovery through the lens of astrology, and a gentle guide to honouring the cycles of nature and within ourselves.

The details:

There are four 1:1 sessions in total, with each reading held around the time of an equinox or solstice, so each session anchors us naturally to a magical turning point of the year.

In each one we look at what is happening in your chart, any major transits coming up and how best to work with them. We can also bring in a specific topic if you wish.

Each session is 75 minutes to give us ample opportunity to explore your chart and what’s happening at the time, but also gives us the chance to reflect on the cyclical themes around each turning point so we can really integrate honouring the cycles. 

Each session is via Zoom. If you wish to receive a recording of each session, I can send that to you, along with follow up suggestions of holistic helpers for the equinox or solstice we are working with, in line with your chart. This helps to ground the session and gives you something practical to work with in between the times we meet.

The package is at a special introductory price of £395 (this can be split into two payments if easier).

I have limited new spaces available for the Cosmically Conscious Journey beginning in June 2024, around summer solstice. You can apply to join now or get in touch to pre register your interest by emailing [email protected]

To apply you must have worked with me previously in Birth Chart Explore Session, Astro Gift Experience or a Moonology 1:1.

Would you like to know more? Book a free discovery call to chat through your options.

Free Facebook Group – Life with Lunar Magic

I also host a free Facebook group called ‘Life with Lunar Magic.’ This is the first place to hear about all my masterclass dates and 1:1 offerings so come join us to be kept in the lunar loop! The group is a supportive, friendly community interested in self-care by the moon phases and a holistic approach to life. Together, we explore each new and full moon, essential oils and crystals for enhancing our connection to the cosmos.

We’d love to welcome you! 


If there’s one thing that I love, it’s working with likeminded people to deliver something really special.

I currently write for the wonderful Moon Phase Studios, contributing to their newsletters and beautiful 13 Moon Journal. I am also collaborating with contemporary artist Emma Catherine  (pictured) on a very exciting creative and magical project – launching in 2024!

As of November 2023 I launched a bespoke Astro Explore Gift Experience with the lovely Lottie Suki, Astro Chart Designer.  These are all amazing businesses, please do check them out!

If you are interested in my writing services, or as an Astrologer or Holistic Therapist for an event, drop me a line, let’s chat!

Lunar retreats in Bristol

I offer boutique in-person lunar retreats aligned with the turning points of the year. This are held at Sensate Spa and Studios, Bristol and take the form of a women’s circle.

During our time together we explore the current solstice or equinox and what this means for us. We also reflect on where we are in the lunar cycle to help set intentions and spark an energy shift. Each retreat offers a space for relaxation, connection and often includes time in Sensate’s garden spa for ultimate rejuvenation.

Spaces are limited to 6 attendees.

If you’d like to register your interest in future retreats please get in touch.

FAQs and Policies

We do need this to deliver the birth chart reading. This is all to do with the accuracy of the rising sign which changes every 2 hours or so and affects the house placements of the chart, so, the more accurate the better when it comes to your birth time. If you are unsure you can always check baby books, call the hospital to enquire about your birth record, or check with relatives.

All sessions are delivered online, via Zoom. They range from 50 minutes to 90 minutes and during that time Charlotte will guide the client through their chosen astro topic. The style of the sessions are relaxed and insightful. All that is required is an open mind! A quiet, calm set up is recommended for when the session takes place for maximum enjoyment.

When you share your birth details the information is used securely to cast your chart for a reading.  I conform to all data protection and GDPR regulations.

I am pleased to be able to offer a Chart Check in service should you wish to return for a follow up session. The ability to offer this service requires that I keep your unique birth chart safely and securely on file for a longer period.  You can opt out of this at any time by emailing [email protected]


Confidentiality: Everything you discuss with me in a session is strictly confidential. The only exception to the rule is if you’re at credible risk of hurting yourself or others.

Cancellation Policy: If you do wish to cancel your booking with less than 48 hours’ notice I will be unable to offer a refund, but I can reschedule your appointment. This only applies on a first occasion of a missed session. If you are a Cosmically Conscious Journey client, and you wish to cancel a session, a refund is not available, but I can reschedule your session.

If you are more than 15 minutes late to your appointment this will be considered a ‘no show’ and a refund won’t be possible but your will be able reschedule your session for a late fee of £10.

I am not the oracle – this is your life.

Whilst astrology is an amazing tool for providing insight and clarity, your intuition will always be the most powerful tool you have to follow when it comes to navigating your own life. I hope to open up a space for you to connect to the cosmos and do my best to help you understand your chart, but ultimately, you know what’s best for you and whatever we discuss should never override your sense of personal judgement.

Legal disclaimer 

For legal reasons I must offer a disclaimer that the information I provide you, whether via this website, social media profiles, digital offerings or during a one-to-one session is for entertainment purposes only.

Please be advised that no astrological reading can predict, forecast, diagnose, or provide information with absolute certainty. No guarantees or assurances of any kind are given and Charlotte Lauren will not be held accountable for any interpretations or decisions made by recipients based on information provided during readings.

Contact Me

To book or find out more, please complete the form below detailing which session you are interested in. 

**Please be aware that sometimes my response may fly into your spam folder so you may wish to check this if you haven’t received a response directly to your inbox! Thank you).**

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